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Established in 1993, RAWI is a national organization that provides mentoring, community, and support for Arab American writers and those with roots in the Arabic speaking world and diaspora. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) literary organization dedicated to supporting and disseminating creative writing and scholarly writing by Arab/SWANA (Southwest Asian and North African) Americans and those from the Arabic speaking world–which often means creating space and highlighting voices and people threatened by erasure. We put on readings, panels, workshops, roundtables, conferences, and festivals that emphasize inclusivity.


On the left, the cover of Sarah Ghazal Ali's poetry collection Theophanies, with a grayscale drawing of a saint with arms crossed over their chest kneeling on the ground, looking down at the ground. A column of light pours from their face, and where the light touches the ground, flowers grow. On the right of the image is a headshot of Sarah Ghazal Ali, in a burgundy hijab, looking into a mirror confidently, surrounded by a black background.

ZAGHROUTA!: Theophanies by Sarah Ghazal Ali

"I write towards the untouchable and unknowable divine. I write against silence and erasure."

below the Radius of Arab American Writers logo with moon and stars in black and turquoise, turquoise text on white background with turquoise clouds reads: National Poetry Month: prompting us toward resistance & refusal, toward honesty & action with Rasha Abdulhadi

Prompting us toward resistance & refusal, toward honesty & action

May any words you write or speak this month, to yourself or others, pull you closer to life—from rubble, from loneliness or desolation—and out of despair. Whatever you might say in your life, do not delay it. Do it now. Say it now.